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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report on the Sawyer



Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: September 23, 2017

Livelining for Chesapeake Bay Rockfish Continues To Be Hot!

Here's another happy group that came home with a nice catch of striped bass on the Chesapeake Bay! The live-lining continues to be on fire, as this crew limited out on rockfish. The BIG one today clocked in at 31 inches long! Another great day of fishing!

Limit Of Rockfish For Ten People!
Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: September 9, 2017

Happy Rockfishing!

We were out of town for the past week, so it was good to get back into the swing of things on the Chesapeake Bay. From the picture above, you can see that the fishing hadn't changed a bit! These nine anglers were having a bachelor party, and decided to make live-lining for rockfish part of the fun. These guys caught their limit of rockfish on the Chesapeake Bay without a problem, along with some smaller fish that had to be released. It was an action-packed morning for this crew, and we hope they'll come see us again! We have plenty of open dates for fishing this fall, so if you're looking to go, give us a call at (410) 397-3743!

Live-Lining For Rockfish On The Chesapeake Bay!
Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: August 31, 2017

Live-Lining For Striped Bass Continues To Be Hot!

Live-lining and light tackle fishing for rockfish continues to be on fire in the Chesapeake Bay! This gang came here from New York, and wanted to try their hand at some of this fishing. As you can see, they were pretty darn succesful! It took us a while to find the fish, but once we did, it was game on, as these guys started landing one rockfish after another! All of these fish clocked in at 20 to 24 inches in length. These guys were a happy bunch at the end of the day!

Another Awesome Day Of Chesapeake Bay Charter Fishing!
Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: August 30, 2017

Chesapeake Bay Family Fun With Rockfish!

It was a fun day for the family today, as this crew decided to add a Chesapeake Bay charter fishing experience to their vacation while they were in town. The picture above shows the outcome of that decision! These guys did some live-lining for rockfish on the Chesapeake Bay and caught their limit pretty fast. The kids were really proficient at learning live-lining, as they ended up catching most of the fish! It was a fabulous day, and hopefully, we created a couple of future fishermen in the process!

Great Day Of Chesapeake Bay Charter Fishing
Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: August 20, 2017

Another Group Of Happy Anglers On The Chesapeake!!

This is the first time that we have taken this fine group fishing for striped bass on the Chesapeake Bay. Hopefully, it won't be their last! They decided to have their little family get-together on our boat. We left the dock bright and early, and got out to where the rockfishing has been red-hot. We put over some live bait, and it took a while before we started getting any hook-ups because the current was running pretty hard. Then, we saw some birds off in the distance, flying around pods of fish. We headed off in that direction, anchored up, and tried again. It turned out to be the right call, as this group landed their limit of rockfish in pretty short order! Then, after that, it was off to do some bottom fishing to replenish our bait stash!

That's What A Limit Of Chesapeake Bay Rockfish Looks Like!
Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: August 17, 2017

More Rockfish Caught On The Chesapeake Bay By Live-Lining!

We did a Chesapeake Bay fishing charter today for a group of local farmers who wanted to take a break from their labors. They brought a bushel of crabs along with them for the afternoon as well. However, the fishing was so red-hot that these guys had their limit of rockfish before they cracked open the first crab! We had enough bait fish with us, so we headed straight out to where the rockfish had been biting for the last few weeks, and we limited out in no time! Then, our group got to enjoy their crabs just before the rain hit!
Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: August 7, 2017

Cooler Of Striped Bass Caught While Live-Lining!

We had a group of nine anglers from Chicago aboard our boat today on a Chesapeake Bay fishing charter. The weather reports were calling for rain on this Monday morning, but we managed to find a window of time when it wasn't raining, and the fish were biting really well. We didn't stop to catch live spot for bait, as we had enough saved up from prior trips. We went straight to where the rockfish were hitting and we started catching almost right away. The one thing about doesn't require a lot of skill and experience to catch fish that way! Our group limited out on striped bass in a couple of hours. Then, after that, we went off to do some bottom fishing.

There was no group photo for today, as it busted out raining right before we got back to the dock, but everyone was thrilled that we got the trip in and caught plenty of fish!
Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: August 4, 2017

17 People, 34 Rockfish? No Problem At All Today!

Today, we had a crew of 17 anglers who were in town from Pittsburgh, PA, and they called us up on short notice, wanting to go out with us on a Chesapeake Bay fishing charter. With the way that the fishing has been over the last week or two, we were more than happy to oblige! As you can see from the cooler shot above, today was no different! We headed out to the Chesapeake Bay fishing grounds in search of striped bass, and it didn't take long at all to find 'em. As soon as we got our first line in the water, we started getting hook-ups! While the initial thought of catching a limit of rockfish for 17 people would normally appear to be out of the realm of possibility, it certainly wasn't today. This gang limited out in a little over an hour's worth of fishing!

Once we limited out, we went off to do some bottom fishing to round out the day.
Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: August 3, 2017

A Limit Of Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass For Longtime Customers

This crew here has been with us on many Chesapeake Bay fishing charters over the years. They always bring a bushel of crabs on the boat and enjoy them on our full-sized picnic table. Yes, our boat has a picnic table onboard!

On top of that, they usually catch plenty of fish. Well, today was no exception to that! After doing a little bit of bottom fishing for some bait, we headed out into the Chesapeake Bay for some striped bass. Fortunately, the stripers were ready for us, as we started getting hook-ups instantly. It didn't take long at all for this crew to limit out! Below is a cooler shot of how we ended up on the day.

Cooler Shot Of Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass!
Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: July 31, 2017

Live-Lining for Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass from the Eastern Shore

This crew came to see us for the first time today, and hopefully not the last! They caught their limit of Chesapeake Bay rockfish by live-lining. We started out bottom fishing for spot fish that we later used for bait. Once we had enough bait, we headed out into the bay to go after the rockfish. Fortunately, we didn't have to wait too long. We started getting hook-ups on our spinning reels as soon as we got our lines in the water! The fish today ranged between 20 and 24 inches in length. There were plenty of happy fishermen today!

This Is What A Limit Of Summer Stripers Looks Like!

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Fishing Information from Capt. Dave
Late April to Early June Trolling for Trophy Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass (Maryland rockfish) (to approx. 40 lbs.)  
June and July Light tackle. Great fishing for croakers, bluefish, and Maryland striped bass (Chesapeake Bay rockfish).
August to October Light tackle fishing for bluefish, Chesapeake Bay striped bass (Maryland rockfish), and Spanish mackerel.
November and December

Trolling for Maryland Striped Bass (Chesapeake Bay rockfish).  



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Capt. Dave Schauber is a native to Maryland's Eastern Shore. He has fished on the Chesapeake Bay his entire life. From the late 1970s to the late 1990s, he operated sawmills for a living. After relocating to Dorchester County in 1981 to operate another sawmill, he quickly became known in the community as simply "The Sawyer", and is still referred to by that title to this day. It is often confused with his last name. This is the origin of the business name, and hence the boat name. After moving to Dorchester County, he fished the lower and middle Chesapeake Bay, in addition to the Honga River, Fishing Bay, and other local bodies of water for years. He started out with small, center-console boats and worked his way up to eventually owning a 42-foot Bay-built vessel. He obtained his Captain's License in 1992, and began to run fishing charters on the weekends and his days off. After building his business for several years, he made the decision to leave the sawmill and begin running charters full time in 1999. His business continued to grow, leading to the construction of our new boat in 2002.

Another great day of fishing on the Chesapeake Bay!! Sawyer Chesapeake Bay Fishing Charters From Maryland's Eastern Shore!

Red hot summer fishing on the Chesapeake Bay!!! Sawyer Chesapeake Bay Fishing Charters From Maryland's Eastern Shore!



We offer full and half-day Maryland fishing charters on the Chesapeake Bay, fishing for Chesapeake Bay rockfish (stripers or Maryland striped bass), bluefish, croakers, Spanish mackerel, and other species. We also offer Chesapeake Bay lighthouse cruises, nature cruises and other Chesapeake Bay tours, floating crab feasts, and cruises to various destinations along the Chesapeake Bay. We are located on Hoopers Island, about 40 minutes south of Cambridge, Maryland. Regardless of the size of your group, or the uniqueness of your occasion, there is nothing that we can't handle! Come join us for a memorable Chesapeake Bay charter fishing experience!


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