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Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report on the Sawyer



Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: June 3, 2017
Great Fishing On The Chesapeake Bay!

This group went charter fishing on the Chesapeake Bay with us for the first time today. For most of the trip, it didn't look like the outcome was going to be as good as it ended up. We left the dock at noon, and at 5:30, we did not have a fish in the box. It was looking pretty bleak until the wind fell out, and we started to see some pods of breaking fish on the water surface. A little after 5:30, the fish started to bite, and by 6:30, this crew had their full limit of Chesapeake Bay rockfish! There were several times when we had numerous trolling lines hook up at once, producing a lot of excitement. It was just like a game-winning ninth-inning rally!
Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: April 29, 2017
Three Trophy Chesapeake Bay Rockfish And A Couple of Throwbacks!

The fishing for Chesapeake Bay trophy striped bass was tough on this Saturday, as there was a lot of boat traffic on the water, which made the fishing a lot more challenging. However, we still managed to land three beautiful rockfish, with the biggest one coming in at 40 inches long. We also caught two other rockfish that had to be thrown back. One of them was 32 inches long, while the other was 30 inches long. When the size limits change in a couple of weeks, those fish will be keepers as well! We also had a few other bites that we weren't able to land. All in all, it was an exciting day, and these guys are looking to book with us again this summer!
Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: April 28, 2017
Another Great Day Of Fishing On The Chesapeake Bay!

The picture above shows the result of one of our best Chesapeake Bay fishing charters so far this year! This gang of six had its limit of trophy Maryland rockfish by 10:30 this morning! The biggest striped bass on the day came in at 41 inches long. These guys are already looking to book another trip with us in the fall of the year.
Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: April 27, 2017
A Full Limit Of Chesapeake Bay Trophy Rockfish From Maryland's Eastern Shore!

After a few days of tough fishing, it was a great Chesapeake Bay fishing charter this morning! The bite was much more plentiful, as the crew pictured above landed their legal limit of trophy striped bass before lunchtime! The lady pictured below caught the biggest fish of the morning, a 47-inch whopper! These guys can't wait to book their trip for next year.

47-Inch Trophy Chesapeake Bay Rockfish!

Four More Nice Trophy Rockfish!

The above picture shows the result of our afternoon trip on the bay. The fishing was slow for the better part of the trip, but all of the sudden, we had three trolling lines hook up at the same time, creating a lot of excitement and three BIG fish! Then, we picked up another one as we were getting up our lines.
Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: April 26, 2017
Three BIG Chesapeake Bay Rockfish!

After a tough weekend of Chesapeake Bay fishing, followed by not being able to get out the last two days due to foul weather, we were back out on the Chesapeake Bay and managed to land these three nice striped bass. We had four bites total on the day, and the biggest fish clocked in at 47 inches in length. Hopefully, the catch will improve as the week progresses.

The Biggest Fish Caught On April 26! Maryland Rockfish!
Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: April 21, 2017
Great Catch Of Trophy Maryland Striped Bass!

The above picture shows what happened during our morning trip today on the Chesapeake Bay. It was a very exciting morning of Chesapeake Bay fishing for this crew! At one point early on in the trip, we had three trolling lines hook up at the same time! All three fish were keepers, coming in at well above the 35-inch legal minimum. We went on to catch another two keepers, as well as a couple of 34-inch throwbacks. These guys were so happy that they've already booked a Chesapeake Bay fishing charter with us for next year!

Four BIG Maryland Rockfish Caught On The Chesapeake Bay!

The picture shown above illustrates what happened during our afternoon trip. The fishing here started out pretty slow, and stayed that way for awhile. When it came time to pull up the lines, we had just one rockfish in the box. However, as soon as we started pulling up our lines for the day, we had a big hook-up with a 42" trophy striped bass! We got it aboard and made two circles back to that spot, and picked up two more gigantic stripers, including the one in the picture below.

The Biggest Striped Bass So Far In 2017!

This is the biggest Chesapeake Bay striped bass that we've caught so far this year! It came in at 48 inches long and over 50 pounds! It didn't matter to this lady though, as she reeled it in like a man! All four fish caught in the afternoon came in at over 40 inches long. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come.
Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: April 20, 2017

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Charters For Rockfish!

Here is a group of longtime customers who fish with us on the same day every year, in search of Chesapeake Bay trophy rockfish. They always seem to do well when they go, and today was no exception! Of the six big striped bass caught today, five of them were over 40 inches long!The fishing wasn't fast and furious, as we had to put in our time to get 'em, but it was still a very good day on the Chesapeake Bay!
Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: April 19, 2017
Another Great Catch Of Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass!

Check out the whoppers that we caught today! These are some massive striped bass! The fishing wasn't fast and furious, but the ones that we caught today were monsters! The biggest one on the day was 47 inches long, while even the smallest still clocked in at 41 inches in length. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come.

A BIG 47" Rockfish!
Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: April 18, 2017

A Nice Catch of Trophy Rockfish On The Chesapeake Bay

It was a bit of a tough campaign today, fishing for rockfish on the Chesapeake Bay, but we still managed to land four nice trophy striped bass! One of them had to be tossed back into the bay because it was a couple of inches too small. Two of the three fish in this picture are 40"+!
Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report: April 17, 2017

 The First Full Limit Of Striped Bass In 2017!

After a tough opening weekend, we headed out again to the Chesapeake Bay, trolling for trophy rockfish. It turned out to be a really great day on the Chesapeake Bay! We landed a couple of BIG rockfish when we were putting our lines out, and then gradually caught one here and there until we limited out by lunchtime! Four of the fish caught today were 40"+. We landed a total of six keepers. Our picture cut off one of the guys on the left hand side. Actually, if you look closer, you can see the tail of the fish that he's holding :).

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Fishing Information from Capt. Dave
Late April to Early June Trolling for Trophy Chesapeake Bay Striped Bass (Maryland rockfish) (to approx. 40 lbs.)  
June and July Light tackle. Great fishing for croakers, bluefish, and Maryland striped bass (Chesapeake Bay rockfish).
August to October Light tackle fishing for bluefish, Chesapeake Bay striped bass (Maryland rockfish), and Spanish mackerel.
November and December

Trolling for Maryland Striped Bass (Chesapeake Bay rockfish).  



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Capt. Dave Schauber is a native to Maryland's Eastern Shore. He has fished on the Chesapeake Bay his entire life. From the late 1970s to the late 1990s, he operated sawmills for a living. After relocating to Dorchester County in 1981 to operate another sawmill, he quickly became known in the community as simply "The Sawyer", and is still referred to by that title to this day. It is often confused with his last name. This is the origin of the business name, and hence the boat name. After moving to Dorchester County, he fished the lower and middle Chesapeake Bay, in addition to the Honga River, Fishing Bay, and other local bodies of water for years. He started out with small, center-console boats and worked his way up to eventually owning a 42-foot Bay-built vessel. He obtained his Captain's License in 1992, and began to run fishing charters on the weekends and his days off. After building his business for several years, he made the decision to leave the sawmill and begin running charters full time in 1999. His business continued to grow, leading to the construction of our new boat in 2002.

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We offer full and half-day Maryland fishing charters on the Chesapeake Bay, fishing for Chesapeake Bay rockfish (stripers or Maryland striped bass), bluefish, croakers, Spanish mackerel, and other species. We also offer Chesapeake Bay lighthouse cruises, nature cruises and other Chesapeake Bay tours, floating crab feasts, and cruises to various destinations along the Chesapeake Bay. We are located on Hoopers Island, about 40 minutes south of Cambridge, Maryland. Regardless of the size of your group, or the uniqueness of your occasion, there is nothing that we can't handle! Come join us for a memorable Chesapeake Bay charter fishing experience!


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